About Roadbees Transport

Who are we?

Roadbees Transport is your trusted logistics provider, warehouse storage and distribution specialist. For years we have provided customers the support needed to operate their business without the logistical challenge.

If your business DEMANDS the best, leave your transport needs to Road Bees Transport! We travel throughout Queensland from the Sunshine coast to Brisbane. Gold Coast right down to the Northern rivers of New South Wales. As your trusted logistics provider with the right vehicle for ALL situations. We cover everything from ‘door to door’ including storage. Our busy bees are diligent, secure and fast. Ask us for a quote today.


How Roadbees Transport can assist your Business...

Roadbees specializes in retrieve-to-dispatch service with a fleet of vehicles to manage any delivery site challenges. Our drivers are trained to handle all delivery environments from inner CBDs to remote sites with extensive weather and storage care. Our range includes hazardous and fragile materials such as chemical drums and ceramics.

Roadbees Transport offer extensive and secure storage facilities for freight and items before delivery. As part of the Retrieve to Dispatch system, inventory can be managed and scheduled for a specific date of delivery with cheap rates and peace of mind for the integrity of the items. All inventory is stored in a sheltered, enclosed environment.

Roadbees Linehaul makes interstate transport simple by incorporating the Retrieve to Dispatch method with our main hubs. This division opens our customers to the entire East Coast of Australia with access from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. To see more visit the Roadbees Linehaul page for more details, or contact us for more information.

Roadbees Transport offers Third-party logistics for fufilling businesses distribution needs

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